Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday what a beautiful day!!

It is such a beautiful day here in Ohio..After yesterdays storms what a nice surprise.  We spent alittle while in the basement yesterday with tornado sirens going on and off for awhile..those winds wee something..

I am working on some snowmen and bowl fillers today.  I need to get my Christmas items up on here or before its

I am actually thinking about putting my fall goodies away and start getting ready to put out my takes me weeks to get it all out..I like to have it out and done by Thanksgiving..

Well i hope everyone is having a great day and will post pics of my snowmen when they are done..



  1. Looking forward to seeing your snowmen when you get them done. In my part of Ohio the weather is also beautiful today. We were very lucky here yesterday. All we got was a little bit of wind and rain. A lot of people suffered a lot of damage and I am thankful we were spared.

  2. Can't wait to see your snowmen and your house decorated for Christmas BUT WAIT....I need to get down there before you take all the FALL down!!

    Hugs Rox