Monday, October 25, 2010

Pics of my kitchen

well of course once i did my last post after searching alittle longer i found the are a few pics of the remodeled kitchen we did back in the spring

Our kitchen is approximately 350 square feet so i had so much fun filling it up with all kinds of goodies..

this is my one of my favorite areas to decorate..its just a stove but its fun to decorate for all holidays

we decided to use the tin backsplash instead of tile.  Its is a bronze color.  Our counter tops are solid oak and we had them made from an amish wood mill..

this is my little is an old primitive butcher block table

this old dry sink is also is one of my favorite pieces..

as you can see i absolutely love old crocks..

i have an old sunmaid stove in the one coner of the room..

thanks for looking at my pics..i enjoy spending time in here!



  1. @what an awesome kitchen!! You did a wonderful job decorating it, so many wonderful prims!! I can see why you enjoy being there. 8-)

  2. Wonderful kitchen Deana. It looks like the perfect primitive farmhouse kitchen. I wouldn't mind spending some time at that table drinking coffee and chatting.

  3. Wow! Your kitchen is huge...mine is just a small little piddly thing! We are remodeling ours too. It's been gutted for quite awhile now and the dh promises he will be starting to put it back together real soon. I sure hope so, but I digress...thanks for sharing your pics with us.


  4. OMGosh!!
    Your kitchen looks amazing!!
    Love the tin backsplash.
    Thanks for sharing it with us!!