Monday, September 27, 2010

and the winner is....

Well my hubby picked a winner it is Teresa M..Congrats!!

Teresa I just need you to email me your mailing address and let me know what color pumpkins you want..

Thanks to everyone who became a follower and entered into my give away.  This was really fun to check and see if I had new followers everyday..

I will be doing another give away once i hit 100 followers so please let all your friends know..  The next give away will retail for $50.00

Thanks again!!


Back from my weekend trip

Good morning all my prim friends.. I went camping this weekend and spent a wonderful weekend with my family.  I found some great finds and went to a few antique flea markets.  I will post some pictures later on. 

Today I will be having my husband pick a winner for my pumpkins..I wll be doing another give away once i hit 100 followers so get the word gonna be a good one too!! 

I will only be making fall and Halloween items for a few more weeks so make sure if you want to purchase any of  my items let me know.  I will be starting on Christmas items and be listing them..

Thanks again for all the great comments!!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

a few fall displays

I have taken a few pics of some pumpkin displays in my living room..  Fall is absolutely my favorite time of the year..I love all the colors and the weather is wonderful..

We are leaving in a few hours for a weekend away to visit my mom and go camping for the weekend. I am gonna relax and have fun.  This will be the first time in a long time since i have done that. 

Thanks for looking at my pics!! I will be back on Sunday afternoon!!  Everyone have a great weekend!!

These are my pumpkins that i make.  I have found a few trunks and opened the top one and filled it up with white, black and ornage pumpkins all different sizes.  I have added some a ornage pip berry garland in it and made a sign that reads pumpkin patch that i painted on a piece of old barn wood..  This display sits under by my steps.

I found these white terra cotta pumpkins at a show last year.  I just love love love white pumpkins!!

Here is another display that is in my living room.  I have a huge ol wooden dough bowl that i have on my sofa table.  I have it over filled with my pumpkins that i make.  I have added a fall colored berrie garland and in this picture i have put some vintage chenille pumpkins in the display. 

Thanks again for taking a look at a few of my fall displays.  I will post a few more when i get back this weekend..


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How fun is this

I work overnights and each day i wake up about 2 or 3 and can't wait to get on here.  This blogging is addicting..  I have learned so much in the last 3 days of my blogging.  I want to thank Kate for getting me started on here.

 I am off the next 4 days and gonna get some pictures up here of our primitive home.  My husband and I remodeled our home back in the spring and it turned out just wonderful.  Would love to share some of our decorating with you all. 

Thanks again for all the kind words on my handmade primitives that i have made and the encouraging words on getting my page going.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Give away

I was so excited to see that i already have 4 followers.  I will eventually get the hang of this.  I told a few friends at work how i spent 3 hours getting as far on this page as i did. they thought it was alittle funny that i didn't know how to do this. 

I wanted to post that i will be having my hubby pick the winners name on the pumpkins on Monday.  I will put all the name of my followers in a bowl.  I will notify the winner and get your addy and mail it out so you can have them for you decorations for fall. 

If you check out my etsy page which is oldgoatprims you will see that i also have black and white pumpkins.  the winner can pick what colore pumpkins you want or just the orange its up to the winner.

Good luck!!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

My First Post

Hi and thanks for stopping by and reading my very first post.  I am very excited to have started this and look forward to meeting all my  prim friends.  i will be featuring items on here for sale and just displays. I will be doing a monthly giveaway. 

The very first item for my give away is a set of 3 pumpkins.  They are perfect for displaying anywhere in your home.

three great prim pumpkins that i have made from muslin and primmed all up for ya. They are stained and have real stick stems.  they measure 8x8 to 11x11.