Sunday, September 19, 2010

My First Post

Hi and thanks for stopping by and reading my very first post.  I am very excited to have started this and look forward to meeting all my  prim friends.  i will be featuring items on here for sale and just displays. I will be doing a monthly giveaway. 

The very first item for my give away is a set of 3 pumpkins.  They are perfect for displaying anywhere in your home.

three great prim pumpkins that i have made from muslin and primmed all up for ya. They are stained and have real stick stems.  they measure 8x8 to 11x11. 


  1. Hey Deana!
    Your blog looks great! I absolutely love it and a giveaway already! You're just too generous! I am so proud to be your first follower and I also linked your blog to the article for Old Goat Prims, it's listed on my sidebar too! I will be sure to send your giveaway post to Stephanie from Primitive Crafts and Giveaways! She can connect you to lots of people who would LOVE to win this great prize!!! Congrats, everything looks wonderful!!!



  2. Hi Deana! I came over ooohing and ahhhing from the Primitive Post blog. I am loving your wonderful handmades on etsy and have favorited your shop!

  3. So pleased to meet you, Deana! I came over from Kate's blog, 'Primitive Post' and love those pumpkins!
    When I read that you live in Amish country Ohio I was so excited as I have just read a novel set in Holmes County and it is somewhere I really want to visit on our next trip to the States - this past July we visited the Amish in Lancaster and I loved it!!
    Best wishes on your new blog venture!

  4. Hi Deana!
    I found you from Kate's post on APP! Have fun with your new blog!

    I love pumpkins...... please enter me in your giveaway!


  5. thanks to all for commenting..i know i have a long way to go on here. I am just learning how to do this so its not a cute as i want it yet.

    Teresa you are entered in the give away. I will have my hubby pick a name of all that have become a follower next monday and let whomever it is know and get it mailed out then.

    Christine...Holmes county is beautiful. They have lots of farm land, prim stores galore it is really beautiful. I am blessed to be living here so close. Hope you come out this way sometime.

    I am very happy to have connected with Kate and have already met some prim friends on here.

    Before the dawn thanks for visiting my etsy page!! glad you liked what you saw.

    I have entered you all so far in my give away. I will be adding more pics and posts.

  6. Hi Deana!! I'm so happy for you starting a blog!! How exciting!!

    And a giveaway!! WOW!!

    You know I love your goodies and these pumpkins are awesome!!


  7. Hi Deana,
    Kate, e-mailed me and told me about your new blog and giveaway so I came over to check it out and it looks really great so far, it won't be long before it blooms beautifuly :0) Also I'm your newest follower (Stephanie) and I've linked your giveaway to my blog here: hope to send ya some more readers.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your blog grow!!


  8. Congrats on your new blog!! I love your prim pumpkins. Please enter me in your giveaway.


  9. Way to go on your new blog! Please enter me in your giveaway. I have one on mine as well...need followers. trying to reach at least 50!!!

  10. Thanks for all th e wonderful comments. I am so excited to be on here and to share my prim home and goodies with everyone. I have everyone entered so far... Thanks for all your suppot!!


  11. Hi, I left a comment on the other post, I would love to be entered in your give-away and I will post on my sidebar.

  12. Hi, I am new at blogging as well but I will post you on my sidebar. I would love to be entered in your drawing. I am also having my first give away. I you want to check it

  13. Hi Deana, please enter me in the giveaway.

  14. Hi Deana,
    Always great to meet another prim blogger!
    I will post your giveaway on my blog and would love a chance to win myself!
    lots of blessin's on your new blog!

  15. Love the pumpkins and also your blog! The goat is so cute too. Please add me to your give-away drawing. I'll also be happy to post this on my blog in my giveaway section.
    Happy Blogging!

  16. I love these pumpkins...and your new blog looks great! Perfect for Fall! ♥

  17. Wonderful giveaway!!
    I would love to be entered.
    I will post about it on my blog.

    Thanks so much,

  18. Thanks to all for stopping on my blog. I have you all in my give away Monday is the day..Thanks again


  19. I am a follower of your blog and would love to enter your fabulous giveaway!!

    I love pumpkins and those are just so prim and pefect!


  20. Welcome to blogland!! I am a follower now and those pumpkins are way too cute!! I would love to be entered into you giveaway and I look forward to reading more on your blog. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!

    Hugs, Trish

  21. Welcome to the world of blog! I gotta comment on your "real" name is deanne but I changed to "dee" a long time ago. Great start on your blog. I am a follower and will post your giveaway on my blog. Have a wonderful day.


  22. Wow Deana welcome to blogland girlie!!! love your Pumpkins...please enter me for a chance to win!! I'll post it on my sidebar for ya!! Hugs!!! ...Donna